This is an exciting new series of books; starting with Momo & Snuffy (Moving to Muddletown). The name Snuffy is a combination of loved pet dogs Snuggles and Duffy.

Do you have a Grandma or a pet that can fly? Probably not and don’t ask them to try!

Find out how Momo and Snuffy make a new home in Muddletown and before they know it, they’re using their super-hero skills!

Get in touch with Author Barbara Parks-St. Aubin at for more details on pricing, purchasing this great book, etc.


His 4th book tells how Duffy dreams of being a sports hero when playing basketball, soccer and baseball. This book, like his others, reinforces the consideration of adopting a pet from a local animal shelter. To purchase Duffy’s books, contact B. G. Parks-St. Aubin (aka MoMo) at This book is $9.99, plus $ 1.00 postage and a portion of the proceeds is donated to animal adoption shelters. Thank you for your support!

Book “DUFFY’S DISCOVERY” Available!

What is Duffy Dog’s big discovery? He’s always thinking about how good his life is and what makes his life with MoMo and Grandpa so great. This book reveals how he realizes what is different in their home and how much fun it adds to their days.

Please note that a portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to animal adoption shelters. To order Duffy’s books, go to and type in Duffy Dog or any of the book titles. Or, contact Barbara Parks-St. Aubin at, Thanks!


Happy to say that Duffy’s second book, “A Tale of Duffy’s Tail” has been released and is available for purchase. This book not only continues to encourage people to adopt a pet, but makes us think about how we should love ourselves the way we are!

There are also still a limited number of copies available for Duffy’s first book, “Duffy Dog is Rescued”.

The first book sells for $6.99 + $2.00 for postage; the second book (larger, with more puzzle pages) sells for $8.99 + $3.00 for postage.

You can easily order one or both of the books on by typing in the name of the book. Payment can be made through PayPal or contact Barbara Parks-St. Aubin at for other options.

Thank you for your interest in and support of our efforts for pet adoption.


To purchase a Duffy book, contact Barbara Parks-St. Aubin at Books are $ 6.99 each. Postage and handling per book is $ 2.00. You can pay through PayPal or contact Barbara for details on sending a check for the total. Books will be mailed the same day payment is received. Thank you for your interest in Duffy’s first book!


Multi-tasking – something I’ve been accused of many times!

My company, St. Aubin & Associates LLC, offers professional, dependable, affordable services pertaining to association management and meeting/convention planning. We also specialize in scheduling 1-on-1 meetings and appointments. To learn more, go to

However, has a different focus! In addition to serving as the head of SA&A LLC for over 20 years, I have also devoted time to my life-long love of reading. For years, I’ve been power walking while enjoying a hand-held book, which has prompted others to name me “The Reader”. That’s where this website name comes into play.

A love of reading has led me to writing books for others to enjoy. For now, these are directed to children. Four children’s books are currently WIP’s – works in progress – to be released soon. The paw print represents the fact that my rescue doggy Duffy has narrated two of the books – he’s very clever.

Updates will be appearing on this website in the near future, as well as information about fun t-shirts having to do with my enthusiasm for reading, sports and more.

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